Changing composition of the editorial team


Aesthetic Investigations would like to give heartfelt thanks to Arthur Cools and Jurry Ekkelboom for their years of hard work on the journal's editorial team. Their cooperation dates back from when the journal was (re-)started in 2015 and since that time they have helped the journal grow to what it is today. Arthur and Jurry, you will be missed!

At the same time, we are also happy to announce that we will be joined by no less than 10 new associate editors, growing our size to a board of 13 in total. A warm welcome to Aurélie, Divya, Hanne, João, Katia, Nathan, Nele, Pablo, Roos, and Sanem!

Finally, we are announcing that our founding editor-in-chief will also retire from the journal in the near future. Like Arthur and Jurry, Rob van Gerwen has put immense time and energy in the journal and we cannot thank him enough. The search for a suitable replacement will take long, but in the meantime, Sue Spaid and Clint Verdonschot have agreed to take over more and more of Rob's tasks so that the transition will be smooth for the journal.