Introducing a painter's opinion into the discussion about visual perception and painting


  • Madina Ziganshina



self-awareness, perception, vision, phenomenology, realist painting


The artistic vision and artistic painting have been a topic of numerous discussions in phenomenology and neurosciences. I will try to introduce the painter´s opinion, which I have gained through practice, into the discussion. I’ll be aiming at: distinguishing the painting experience from the painting observation experience; distinguishing vision from cognition; and the manifestation of the visible on the canvas. I also propose the possibility of gaining a dignifying awareness of the self and of the perception through the painting, for both the painter and the observer.

Author Biography

Madina Ziganshina

Madina Ziganshina, painting artist, resident in Portugal, obtained a MA in Contemporary Artistic Studies at the University of Aveiro, bachelor in Stage Design acquired at the Academy of Fine Arts of Saint-Petersburg (Russia). Frequently exposes in Portugal and abroad. Initiator of ART-MAP moving curatorial project, organizes exhibitions for international artists in Portugal. Keeps a painting atelier and gives classes of oil painting.

Born: Kazan, 15 March, 1986.



2015 - Master of Arts, Contemporary Artistic Studies, University of Aveiro, Portugal;

2010 ‐ Bachelor degree in Stage Design, St. Petersburg Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Russian Federation;

2006 ‐ Professional degree in Fine art and pedagogy, Kazan Art College, Russian Federation.




Upcoming: Organization of the Exhibition ART-MAP2016, Ponte de Lima, Portugal;

2015 ‐ Organization of the Exhibition “A Poética do Visual” ART-MAP, Aveiro, Portugal;

2014 ‐ Artistic Residency “Vitral”, Cultural Center of Gafanha da Nazaré, Portugal;

2010 ‐ Coordinator of the International Collective Art Exhibition “Athens Art 2010”, Center of Arts 4 Seasons “Technopolis”, Athens.



2016 ‐ Individual Exhibition Gamlastan Gallery, Eskelstuna, Sweden;

2016 ‐ Individual Exhibition, Disha, Aveiro, Portugal;

2015 ‐ Individual Exhibition “Expositie 2”, Gallery Rosarta, Rotterdam, Holland;

2015 ‐ Individual Exhibition “God´s Own Dance II”, Muthappan Festival, Dubai;

2014 ‐ Individual Exhibition, Disha, Aveiro, Portugal;

2015 - Collective Exhibition “100 Jahre Schwarzes Quadrat von: Kazimir Malevich 10 Künstler x 10 m² Kunst”, Galerie Seidel, Koln, Germany;

2015 ‐ Individual Exhibition “God´s Own Dance”, Brushman´s Gallery, Kannur, India;

2015 ‐ Collective Exhibition “Pasternak”, Galerie Seidel, Koln, Germany;

2014 ‐ Collective Exhibition “Premio de Pintura Emilio Ollero 2014”, Jaen, Spain;

2014 ‐ Individual Exhibition “Portrait”, Disha, Aveiro, Portugal;

2014 ‐ Individual Exhibition “Aveiro de Antigamente”, Museum of the City of Aveiro, Portugal;

2013 ‐ Collective Exhibition “Die Bunte Brucke”, Kunsthalle Lindenthal, Koln, Germany;

2013 ‐ Individual Exhibition “Aveiro em Azul”, Disha, Aveiro, Portugal;

2013 ‐ Individual Exhibition “Expositie”, Gallery Rosarta, Rotterdam, Holland;

2013 ‐ Individual Exhibition “Aveiro, Veneza de Portugal”, Disha, Aveiro, Portugal;

2013 ‐ Collective Exhibition "ArtPul”, Pulheim, Germany;

2012 ‐ Individual Exhibition "Cores de Arouca", Municipal Library of Arouca, Portugal;

2012 ‐ Institutional Project and Individual Exhibition “Reflections”, Cultural Center of Gafanha da Nazaré, Portugal;

2012 ‐ Collective Exhibition “Form Art”, Kunstverein Glinde e.V. Germany;

2011 ‐ Individual Exhibition "Inspired by Sweden", AllaGallery, Stockholm, Sweden;



2013 ‐ Certificate of Participation Abel Manta Painting Prize, Abel Manta Museum, Gouveia, Portugal;

2012 ‐ Certificate Honorable Mention "Jovem Criador Aveiro2012" Aveiro, Portugal;

2012 ‐ "City Scapes" with comments from the jury 3nd award and Honorable Mention category award, Leading Artists Premiere Gallery, see ;

2012 ‐ The Artistic Circle Foundation 1st Award "Healing Art 2" The Artistic

Circle: Foundation. see http://www.the‐artistic‐ ;

2012 ‐ "EWNS Art Project" award. see ;

2012 ‐ Gratification Letter For participation in Annual National Saint‐Petersburg Festival “Дом Семьи Россия” “Winter Studium”, Saint‐Petersburg, Russia;

2010 ‐ Gratification Letter for Participation in Art Project in The Russian Museum, Saint‐Petersburg, Russia.






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