The Experimental Art of Noel Harding: At the Intersection of Nature and Technology


  • Antonia Jan Dapena-Tretter The Walt Disney Family Museum



public art, sustainability, function, technology, nature


Until his death in 2016, artist Noel Harding demonstrated continual growth from fairly traditional art objects to large-scale, public sculptures bordering on urban planning. Detailing three major works, this article reveals the artist's conscious move away from art contained within galleries to open-air installations created with environmental stewardship in mind. Projects from Harding's final years affected real change in the community through ongoing audience participation and the actions of many. By uniting the community together with technological and natural forces, Harding's practice ultimately demonstrated that an ecological focus is possible without shunning modernity.

Author Biography

Antonia Jan Dapena-Tretter, The Walt Disney Family Museum

With a Masters in Art History from the University of Toronto, Antonia Dapena-Tretter writes about modern and contemporary art. Her articles have been published in African Arts, Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies, The Lincoln Humanities JournalSeismopolite: Journal of Art and Politics, and Droste Effect Magazine.






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